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In case you’re searching for best tips towards building your internet searcher nearness in 2017, then consider these ten free tips for your blog or site:

Identify your niche – The competition is very tough in the online world, and hence it becomes a bit difficult for the new bloggers to compete with the top competitors. In order to build your niche out there, it would be better for you to target those visitors who are not satisfied with the services of those competitors, and then develop effective solutions for these specific people.

Keyword research – Once you have determined your target customers, it is time to use the keyword research tools to find out the competition and volume of the keywords you have selected.

Long Tail Keywords – It is suggested to target long tail keywords, as these usually face little competition on the internet. Thus, such keywords can make your search engine entry quite easy.

Articulate Solutions – After deciding on the keywords, you should provide your users top-notch quality content. Make sure that the content is informative, and induce your users to read it.

Keyword in Tittle – While creating articles for your intended users, make sure to add the target keyword in their tittles, and that too in an attractive way. The keyword should be used in the beginning portion of the first paragraph as well as in the last paragraph of the articles you have written.

Remove Broken Links – While you write and post your blogs, do not forget to monitor if there are any broken links found. If you find such links, then remove it promptly.

Generate a Sitemap – To offer better user-experience to the visitors of your website, create a sitemap. This will also help create better search engine bot navigation.

Build Back Links – Find out the some of the top websites in your niche, and build your back links with them. For this, you can do guest blogging and natural writing.

Keyword Density – It is important for you to maintain a proper balance in your keyword density while writing your blog and articles. It is suggested to use the target keyword in 2-3% in your content.

Promote Your Blog – In order to boost your website, keep commenting on the blogs. Also, visit the relevant online forums, as it will help you market your website effectively.

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