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After creating a website now it’s a biggest challenge to make your brand visible on the major search engines. But if you apply the correct SEO strategies on your website then you can easily overcome with this difficulty. You have to be more particular about your online presence and make sure that if anyone is looking for a product like yours, they find you not a competitor. It is not all about by promoting your brand through paid services. But this can be done by generating organic traffic to your website whether from paid services or simply from SEO techniques.
There are plenty of techniques for generating organic traffic and following are some very basic and useful strategies to conquer the search engine.

1. Relevancy of website: This is the major factor for a search engines as well as users. Both love to visit those websites that are regularly updated with quality content. Simply creating one page per month can easily boost up the SEO footprint. But while creating content you should know that the content should be searchable and to drive traffic on your website. The more relevant your content is there are high chances that people will like it and share it.

2. Improve your local presence: By doing this you can easily reach out to your local customers with the help of local SEO techniques. You can start by listing your website in Google My Business and many other local listing websites.


3. Checkout your websites Good and Bad links: Monitor your website very carefully as from the last year backlinks have been the vital element of SEO. It’s quite possible that you get traffic from Google or any other search engine without many links. But the truth is that you’ll never be able to compete with your competitors without building quality backlinks. If you are passionate about improving organic traffic for your website then you must know that what backlinks are helping you with SEO. I’m sure that if you are familiar with this process then you must know that all backlinks are not good and search engine optimization is not always about the number of links you have.

Things you have to remember before creating quality backlinks:

  • The backlinks should be do follow because for organic traffic growth do follow links will count.
  • The links are from the sites with good domain authority and a trusted one.
  • The links are coming from relevant websites.
  • Links from detailed article will add more value.

4. Check the errors: Thoroughly check the errors of your website with many trustworthy tools like Google webmaster and try to remove your errors as soon as possible. Google hate those sites with lots of error so try to be more updated.


5. Optimize meta data: The first thing that a search engine like Google looks at your website is the meta data and the keywords that are in the paragraph of your content. If the meta tags has all the information about the user’s queries then the chances of increase the ranking of your website are more. Following are some key points while optimizing meta data.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing and add your most important keywords in the first paragraph.
  • Optimize images title, ALT and description
  • Optimize meta title, description and keywords

6. Create a social media campaign: Regularly update your social media pages by adding relevant and interesting website content. Social media is a bonus for driving organic traffic on your website and be on the top.

7. Scan for duplicate content: Search engines are strictly focused on the contents; there are many websites that are badly hit by the search engines because of duplicate contents. You have to check for it whether the content is duplicate or unique. There are many best tools available on the web where you can easily scan out for your content

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