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In any SEO campaign bounce rate is the most underrated metrics, most of the website owners are not completely aware of its advantages and disadvantages.  So what actually does bounce rate means and why is it important? This question definitely arises when someone is talking about bounce rate. Don’t be afraid of it is simple to reduce bounce rate.

First, we should know what exactly it is in terms of SEO. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that open your website and leave immediately without spending much time on your site that is significant to the search engine.

Why we look out for bounce rate?

  • A high bounce rate is the main reason for some major issues regarding the visibility of website and following are some reasons that we have to care for: High bounce rate means that the keywords that we are optimized are poor and of no use to the user. As user search for something with the keyword and your site offers something else other than that.
  • Another reason for high bounce rate is that when a user visits your website that is shown on the search engine but here on the website user didn’t get the valid information regarding the query. A user doesn’t want to spend much time on your site and moves to the next website. This is very bad thing for the growth of your brand.
  • Bounce rate suggests that our site has a poor design. Deprived website always lacks behind to make good connections with the users.
  • Poor navigation is again a factor of increasing bounce rate; it means that the interlinking of your website is not good.

In general, we want that more users will visit on our site and explore more than one page on our website. In that case, we have to be sure that the above-mentioned points get cleared.

How does Google measure bounce rate?

The bounce rate of a web page = a total number of bounces on a page/a total number of entrances on the page and that too in the same period. The less is the percentage of bounce rate of your website there is a high chance of the visibility and growth of your brand on the search engine.

Bounce rate analytics

In order to make your site more user-friendly and gain high-quality organic traffic, you have to be focused on the bounce rate.

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